Pokйmon Tales: Lost Silver

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Some of you might be familiar with Pokйmon, some won't. However, it's been a huge part of my childhood - we had a lot of fun with the series, the cards, the gameboy.

But, Pokйmon isn't just all about stuffed animals whom fight each other for fun. It has been, since its release, been a thread of haunted games, creepy stories and whatsoever. All of them are fake, but pretty enjoyable to read. I will tell it as if it is actually true - to increase reading pleasure, of course

I will explain you them in a serie of tales, consisting of 4 parts.

Part IV: Lost Silver

This is again an adapted, hacked cartridge. But now it's another version of the generation II Silver version. As far as I know, the only tale which is not about the first Pokйmon generation. Nonetheless a good one.

If you want a full experience, please do not read this! I seriously recommend this. Skip to the extra's and play the game yourself. Hints: Check out the Pokйmon you currently have at each event (leaving a room/area, fights, texts, ...) - and translate the Unown language Upon asking you "YES/NO" (at the sign), choose four times "NO". If you choose YES however once, you'll just skip a part of the story

The game already started weird: as soon as you could choose either continue or New Game, it would continue the previous game, no matter what you did. The old save game which you had to play, had some impressive stats. All 251 Pokйmon caught, 16 badges, 99999.9 Pokйdollars and...999:59 playing time. Either the player just hacked this in the game. Either...a very creepy addict.

You "started" in a room with no exit at all. At least not a trivial one. When checking your Pokйmon, you had 5 Unowns. And one Pokйmon named "HURRY". Translating the Unowns to normal text would get you "LEAVE". Maybe a cruel joke of the guy who made the game. Noticable was that there was no sound at all - not even the usual screams when you check out your Pokйmon. Checking out the stats of HURRY, you would notice it's a Cindaquil.

After running a while around, you found the exit - hidden in the pilar of the romm you were in. The screen entirely cuts to black and creepy music starts to play. The best thing you could do was using the "Flash" of your "HURRY" Pokйmon. This would make your current location visible - an entirely blood-red corridor. With no entrance - you just got there somehow. The "HURRY used Flash!" message did not appear. The room just lid up.

The only thing you could do, is running southwards (down) through a small corridor. Though, something weird happened - the more you went south, the darker the screen got. Almost as if you're not using any Flash anymore. When almost fully invisible (black) again, you arrived in another room the corridor led to. Again a room with no stairs or other kind of exits. Only a sign was in that room. Telling you "Turn back now". An answer box appeared, though there wasn't any question. All you could choose was YES or NO. If you think about it, it's likely about "Will you turn back?".

Playing the game some times again, I found out how to get the most experience out of the game. If you hit "YES", you just skipped a major part of the game. If you hit "NO", the answer box would just re-appear. Though, if you hit "NO" four times in a row, the game would suddenly change however. Your screen would again cut to black, with a message "HURRY has". Nothing more. Looking at your Pokйmons in your hand, HURRY was replaced. By an Unown again. They now spelled "TOOBAD".

You again were in the room with the sign, thought the sign disappeared. If you walked around though, you would always walk backwards, which is very weird. The only option you had, was running back North. The more you walked, the darker your trainer sprite became. Upon arriving in the other room (where you spawned previously), your sprite was completely black.

The room changed, however. Now it had a stairs exit (downstairs). Which wasn't there previously. As that was the only thing you could do, you had to go downstairs. This time, you spawned in a little maze. With again no option to return. The Unowns had changed once again. They now spelled "RELIVE".

The maze was fairly easy. Though it didn't really have an exit. Just a missing border at the end. Upon doing this, something very odd happened. You spawned in a cave, and for one second you would see your own sprite twice. Then the screen flashed for one second to black, which made the other sprite disappear. The music stopped playing.

A drastic change happened to your Pokйdex. You now had 4 Unowns, 1 pokйmon called "PLEASE!" - with low health - and 1 egg. The Unowns didn't spell anything particularly.

When turning around at this point (you walked forward again), you would clearly notice a scary change to your trainer sprite: it did not have a face anymore. Just a flat surface of the "skin pink". If you'd go to your options, you would also notice the trainer there didn't have a face anymore. Nor do the trainers of the gyms (those were shown under badges).

The cave itself was once again a little, easy maze. Though, shortly after starting to run, your "PLEASE!" Pokйmon lost health. Or well, that's what I thought. It only showed "PLEASE! has", like previously happened to HURRY. Your Unowns changed, however. They spelled "DE**" (the * weren't specified yet). PLEASE! had less health than before. Running some further, a text appeared: "PLEASE! has p". Nothing else. PLEASE! wasn't in your Pokйdex anymore. The Unowns spelled "DENY".

When reaching the first exit of the cave, music would start again, though this time not creepy. You were in another cave (or a "subcave"). With only one path to follow. After some steps, a text appeared: "?". This didn't seem to make any sense. Though, after checking your Pokйdex (you got used to this after a while ), it appeared your Egg had evolved...into a Cindaquil. Without a name. Implying this was the HURRY Pokйmon with whom you started the game.

After finishing this subcave, you reached the exit leading to the next subcave. Upon entering this, the music pitch slowed down by half. That sounded very creepy at that moment. And again, the only thing you could do was follow the maze. After a while, another random textbox appeared " is trashing about".

After doing this 3rd cave, you finally got out of it. You were in the normal world again. The music stopped playing. This part was very small however - the only noticable thing were two sprites - one of a Pokйmon and one of a trainer. When talking to the Pokйmon, it would say "(..where?)". The Pokйmon battle screen appeared. None of the Pokйmon names appeared however, it just said "Wild appeared" and "Go! Go!". You didn't have much options - you could only use the Cindaquil. At first turn, you only had one unnamed attack, which made your enemy fall asleep. Then you had again only a single choice: Nightmare. This turned the screen in blood-red and made the enemy faint. His sprite disappeared in the main world.

At this moment, you could talk to the trainer next to him. He said "Even..". Then the screen cut to black, and the sprite disappeared. It implied he died, I guess. You could only return to the entrance of the cave. Though, when you reached that point, the "FLY animation appeared" - you flew away to an entirely new area. With normal music, at only half the speed of the original one.

This new area was a town - however you could not enter buildings. It did have a bug amount of trainer sprites though - faceless like you. When talking to them, they'd just say one seemingly random character to you (this appeared in Unown language) and then disappear just like the previous trainer you talked to. Your Pokйdex changed. Your Unowns spelled "HELP".

After making all sprites disappear, the fly animation would appear again. You teleported to the exact same town. But now the entire background changed to purple. And the music slowed down even more.

All trainer sprites in the "previous" town were now lined up. When talking to them, the same characters would appear. However, now they were in order - and the sprites didn't disappear afterwards. They spelled: WHOREYOUKID - who are you kid. At the end of the line, there was a building. Upon reaching the entrance of it, the fly animation would once again appear.

You were now teleported to a new area. A trainer sprite ran away to the right - a clone of your sprite. You had no other options but going in the same way. Your Pokйdex contained 5 Unowns - but they didn't spell anything. And your old Cindaquil. The area led to a high building. No music played here.

After entering the building and walking some steps, a text appeared "SAVE YO.." and then " has forgotten NIGHTMARE". Your Pokйdex now spelled "*EAVE". The pilar of the room you started the game in it, was there once again. When approaching it, another text appeared "GO AWAY..". Which you obviously didn't, as you don't have a choice. The first Unown now changed into an L. Making the text spell "LEAVE".

When entering the pilar, first your sprite just disappeared, then your screen would flash and you'd spawn in a room much alike the previous one. Very noticably is that your sprite now does have a face. And the sprites of the gym leaders as well. Again the only thing you could do was enter the pilar in the middle of the room.

The screen cut to black, but the first, creepy music started playing again. You used "FLASH" now again, and noticed the Pokйmon name of your Cindaquil changed to HURRY. Like it said in the start of the game. And you spawned again in the blood-red corridor. The same stuff happened as the first time. Going southwards would make your screen much darker.

The "TURN BACK NOW" sign was there again, though this time nothing would happen if you chose "NO". Not even after 20 times. So you had to choose YES... The sceen cut to black, sad music started playing, and it stated "HURRY has fainted!". Something very creepy happened. Your Pokйdex entirely changed. 6 Unowns. Spelling "HEDIED". It implied your Cindaquil did not faint, but died instead.

Going back to the game (closing the Pokйdex) made the area appear. You were in the Lavender Ghost Tower, between tombs. Though you were not in the area you should be in. You appeared in a black area within the tower, closed in by tombs. You could only walk in squares. After some running around, Your sprite would freeze and start turning around. You made the teleport animation, though instead of going upwards, your sprite went downwards.

You appeared in a blood-red room. And your sprite is, at this moment, completely white. You had 5 Unowns, spelling "DYING" and a Celebi in your dex. Under player stats, your sprite drastically changed: It showed you, but without arms or legs. With blood coming out of the trainer's eyes. The gym leaders showed up normal, though.

You had no other option than running North. Near the end of the path, some trainers apeared. However, you could not interact with them. At the end itself, there was yet another "hole" in the pilar - just like in any other pilar you previously used to teleport. This time though, a trainer would block the way to it. That trainer...was Red. Red from the first Generation. As soon as you got next to it, a battle started. Without any animations. Both trainer sprites were entirely white. No player names nor Pokйmon names appeared. The creepy music played again.

Your enemy, (yourself?), sent out a Pikachu. The Pikachu looked like it was crying though, which seems very odd. Just likein the previous battle, you did not have any options. The story went like this: Pikachu fails using Curse (which he can't do in normal games), you used Perish Song (this causes both Pokйmon to faint in 3 turns). Pikachu continues attacking - in a random way. However he'll never lower your health to 0. He'll use "FRUSTRATION" once though, lowering the health of Celebi a lot. Then Celebi would use pain split - causing his health to go up again, and Pikachu's health down.

After the 3rd turn - where Perish Song had its effect, your Pokйmon would disappear out of the screen. It said "CELEBI has died". No, not fainted. Died. The same happened to Pikachu (however he faded out instead). Your opponent said "...", then the game cut to black and you got teleported to your room.

You now had 6 Unowns spelling NOMORE. Music didn't play, and your sprite was transparent. If you'd look to your trainer, it would only have its head. With again blood coming out of its eyes. In the world, your only choice was going downstairs. Though, if you reached the exit of your home, nothing would happen. You could just continue walking - in the black. The edges of your sprite changed to white - so you could see where you're walking.

After a while walking southwards (the only possible direction), you'd eventually reach an entirely white surface. The same applies here: you could only head in one direction. Some steps later, you'd see your own sprite again, colored. With his back facing to you.

When talking to him, he said "Goodbye forever...". Or did you? A new text appeared "? used Nightmare". The screen flashed and the sprite of you (the colored, uncontrollable one) disappeared. You turned around and teleported downwards again.

You spawned - again - in the Lavender Ghost Tower, and also this time closed in. Your sprite does not appear.

When looking at your Pokйdex, your Unowns spelled:


Going back to the game, it'd say: R.I.P. Pkmn TRAINER GOLD.

You could not do any actions but closing your game at this point. You died.


Someone made a standalone .exe file of this story. It is really recommended to play this one - this way you don't have to read the story and it improves your experience.

You can download it here


Whore you kid. Lol

That's interesting.

Never give up your childhood - I'm already 19 btw

You can finish the ROM in 15minutes. Is less boring than reading my sh..

That's fucking terrifying lol.

I forgot how old games really make you live into what is happening, something the newer games don't do much!

Maybe good idea to make a video of of this and post it!

Why do something someone already did?

-uses the same ROM I provided

lol u wrote the whole story @ its intresting

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