MYSQL load errors

I have BlueG's lastest (R39-5) plugin, and i create a table load function in my gamemode.
If i call it in OnGameModeInit, its not load perfectly the UTF8 chars, but if i call this function from an user command, or in OnPlayerConnect mysql load characters in a good way.

I try to put this function in a timer in OnGameModeInit, but its still not working.
Please help me, i dont undestand... I call the same function, but itw once working, once not... Thanks!

Under OnGameModeInit add mysql_debug(1); Restart the server, go to your server directory and post the content of debug.txt in here.

In the debug it's look like its working, but if am i trying to work with this varible, (just simply prinft) its not working, as you can see in the pictures:


In the database, Do they seem to be stored like that?

The way that it shows through the debug, that it's being called like that.

Some of the datas are stored like in the debug, 'cause i am trying to solve this in a lot of differend way, but the last item, 'kуrhбz' is stored like i write. And in the debug its call'd like this, but when a i trying to store this in a varible is not working. And the worst think abaut it, its working i i am put it in a test command. But not from OnGameModeInit.

I'm pretty sure SAMP has trouble with UTF-8

Yes, i am thinking abaut it. But why its workig with command? I cant belive. Sorry for my bad english, and thanks for your help. I am trying to make a system, what checks the firts player connecting, and then load my datas from mysql.. I dont understant SAMP now.

Ohh, in the server_log, my printf write "[03:37:10] kуrhбz", so i think the problem is in SAMP OnGameModeInit. But there is another way to load my datas without calling it in OnGameModeInit?

By the way, Positions should be floats

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