how to get players for server

Hello can you give me some easy ways to get players for my own server? Because i added my own features and it's funny. So can you help me? I will give reputations


+1 for you
And more for the person who reply as helping me.

Since the samp list changed,
It's pretty much hard to get players without an hosted tab listing.

You gotta pay to be visible in the List.

But you can always bring unique ideas that will attract new players,Scripting, Etc...

Advertise to your friends or simply try on samp ******** communities if you have their permissions to advertise.

Ok, thanks and +REPUTATION for you, enjoy .

Vehicles, music on join, a few messages, a deagle with around 30 bullets, a nightstick, 2 commands, a speedometer that just displays the speed and a gametext that says "Count down: 6" spamming over and over isn't going to attract that many people.

But what you can do is invite people and give them admin status to make them want to come back as you are so desperate for players rather than improving your gamemode then going on a seek for players. But add an admin system first, because I think you don't have one.

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