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Hi guys, A friend of mine is planning to get a server on Hostskool as they have affordable prices.. What I need to know is that;
Is their host still active, do they respond I to customer tickets I mean?
How long do they take to respond to a ticket?
How long do they take to setup the server?
How good is their service?

PLEASE NOTE: I know this isn't their support team, but I want the public opinion about them.

Well I would not recommend to buy from them as I have read many negative reviews here on samp about them.
If you just ****** 'hostskool samp' you will also see them.

Here are bunch of them :

I did notice them, but yet there are like 21 servers hosted by Hostskool (as stated on SACNR Monitor).
Would be awesome if you could provide some other host similar with affordable prices..

My recomendation is host1plus.com . I am currently using them, They setup server instant and they respond fast.Their price is the best ever

Weren't you going to buy a dedicated server for 300 euros per month?

fusionservers are good.

Owners and staff are active on SAMP forums as well.

Originally Posted by xPhantom
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Weren't you going to buy a dedicated server for 300 euros per month?
Look at the first line, first sentence properly.
@BurnZ, will take that into my friend's consideration.

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