One TD not clickable

This TD Wont work as selectable.

pawn Код:
format(OutstandingString, sizeof(OutstandingString), "Outstanding Charges~n~~w~%d outstanding ~>~ Click here", Outstandings);

MDCPerson[playerid][1] = CreatePlayerTextDraw(playerid,212.000000, 270.000000, OutstandingString);//Outstanding Charges~n~~w~6 outstanding ~>~ Click here
                PlayerTextDrawBackgroundColor(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], 255);
                PlayerTextDrawFont(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], 2);
                PlayerTextDrawLetterSize(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], 0.270000, 1.000000);
                PlayerTextDrawColor(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], -5176577);
                PlayerTextDrawSetOutline(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], 0);
                PlayerTextDrawSetProportional(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], 1);
                PlayerTextDrawSetShadow(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], 0);
                PlayerTextDrawUseBox(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], 0);
                PlayerTextDrawBoxColor(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], 255);
                PlayerTextDrawTextSize(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], 382.000000, 30.000000);
                PlayerTextDrawSetSelectable(playerid,MDCPerson[playerid][1], 1);
The SelectTextDraw(playerid, col); is done because another TD on the same GUI is able to get clicked, something is just wrong with this one.

Text size is too big try to change it to 10.0, 10.0 or 15.0, 15.0

The y coordinate? Because the X is correct, I set this with a box behind it so I know the size.

Then create new Textdraw for the box because TextDrawTextSize is the size for clickable area

No I meant, there's no box in this textdraw but I used a box to set the textsize.

You don't need to use box
You can use TextDrawTextSize even if you don't have box

nvm fixed it, the ~w~ caused it not to get the selectTextdraw color

Ok but I still don't recommend to set text size to 300+ the clickable area will be on most of the screen

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