Having trouble with assigment? Gamemode? Right place


Having trouble with your projects? Don't know how to finish your project? Need some help and explanation with your project? Then you are on right place.

I am offering:

- Doing your C/C++ projects for you.
- Debuging your C/C++ code
- Consulting with you about your code
- Also i can do PAWN work for you

Why me?

I am always doing 100% for projects. Also i am always trying to do the fastes way but the best, providing quality and quantity at the same time. I am not fraud or lier, you can ask me anything about your project and you will get stright hones answer. I am also trying to challange myself to do it faster and better.
You wont regret if you choose me.

Every 3 offers you got next one for free!
But thats not everything, there are rest of futures that you can get for FREE if you order now!

Need something else that is not on the list? Contact me!

When we're done with your project, you can ask me what ever question you want about project. I'm giving full project explanation for FREE!

Before ordering, contact me via pm.

Before you are ready with the offers, you might want to check first to see if the website works at all. I just cannot trust a person who uses broken link and broken English to do something for me.

Post here : https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=447813

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