MySQL - Loading a Database

I'm starting to learn MySQL and I've looked at a lot of tutorials. I think the best way to fully understand the language is to download a script with one and mess with it for a bit. So, I downloaded this script:

Now, the problem is that the download files comes with a database.sql. He says this in the thread:

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You also need a working MySQL server, which I expect you to have a basic understanding of already. The database.sql file contains the database structure, just execute the SQL queries in that file on your DB.
How do I do that?

Some background: a database server is where you execute commands, such as inserting a new user account. The database server takes care of saving it on the harddisk somewhere. The .sql file basically contains instructions for your database server on how to create a structure for the stored data so that your gamemode can store the information correctly.

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