Help Make Script +Rep

Please Help Me With CMD Arrest Can only Arrest 4 Wanted To 1000 Wanted And Make Spawn Jail in LVPD
And 4 Wanted Random 1min to 1.50min=1min+50sec
10Wanted 2Min to 2.50min=2min+50sec
and with time show to player how much - time
get -1 score after arrest
and cops get +1 score and random money 2000 to 16000
when player quit save player time jail
and when login jail him
and cant choose cops when he is jail or wanted
i have gteam cops and swat and fbi and army
and i will make pos to jail

Help Please Make Arrest And Parole Commands Please ZCMD
You're asking for 'help' but this is more like asking for people to script for you. You need to at least put some effort into trying it.

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