Scripting gets boring and lonely sometimes without instant feedback, skype anyone?

Sometimes you want to show someone what you're working on, maybe you're just starting out or getting back to scripting after a while, or want to run your ideas by someone, maybe collaborate or need someone to test your script with. Maybe anyone is interested in creating a group skype chat with a few people? I don't really have any samp-scripting people I know so we could create a little group (even a couple of people would be enough) to get that instant feedback and communication, which just doesn't happen on big forums like this. If anyone's interested just message me on skype (same username as here) and i'll add us in a group chat.

Even though I already have people that are able to test my stuff I see how this can be a very good idea.
Testing more complex systems isn't a piece of cake and it really needs to happen thoroughly to filter out all bugs/screw-ups, so it'd be a good idea if you have testers that know what they're doing, and developers tend to be good at that.

Sure I want to help you. Add me.

Seems like a good idea. Added you.

Sorry for the off-topic, but this is a request help question, it's better if you post it here:-

Also, I don't get it, do you want testers or what exactly? It seems like a good group.

I don't need help (I'd be glad to help others though) and I don't neccesarily need testers, just a few people to talk about samp stuff and share. Actually it seems to be quite a mess now since quite a few people showed up and they're talking about random stuff.

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