Hi, I don't know if this is real place where to post it, sorry for that.
When I try to run SF CNR script ( https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=223963 ) this one, I get 3 errors.

C:\Users\SANDOR\Desktop\samp03z_svr_R1_win3211111\samp03z_svr_R1_win32\pawno\include\streamer.inc(341) : warning 235: public function lacks forward declaration (symbol "OnPlayerEditObject")
C:\Users\SANDOR\Desktop\samp03z_svr_R1_win3211111\samp03z_svr_R1_win32\pawno\include\streamer.inc(364) : warning 235: public function lacks forward declaration (symbol "OnPlayerSelectObject")
C:\Users\SANDOR\Desktop\samp03z_svr_R1_win3211111\samp03z_svr_R1_win32\pawno\include\streamer.inc(366) : error 017: undefined symbol "SELECT_OBJECT_PLAYER_OBJECT"
C:\Users\SANDOR\Desktop\samp03z_svr_R1_win3211111\samp03z_svr_R1_win32\pawno\include\streamer.inc(487) : warning 235: public function lacks forward declaration (symbol "OnPlayerWeaponShot")
C:\Users\SANDOR\Desktop\samp03z_svr_R1_win3211111\samp03z_svr_R1_win32\pawno\include\streamer.inc(489) : error 017: undefined symbol "BULLET_HIT_TYPE_PLAYER_OBJECT"
C:\Users\SANDOR\Desktop\samp03z_svr_R1_win32\gamemodes\SFCRRPG.pwn(13047) : error 017: undefined symbol
After I have a .amx file and all the plugins and all the includes and even sperated the script to a different testing folder. When I run server samp-server.exe shows error, like there isn't .amx file.

Any help would be thankfull.

show me the line 13047.

I have same problem but the script compiles and stuff:


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