[GameMode] San Fierro Cops-Robbers-RPG v1.0

San Fierro Cops-Robbers-RPG v1.1

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- The server name, abbreviation and version are now set as defines, search for '#define sname' to find these.
- SSCANF has been updated to the new most stable version.
- The server website is now changeable through searching for '#define sweb'.
- The server has been updated to version 0.3e

Story behind the making of SFCRRPG

Well, i have been scripting for Byrner's CRRPG for well over a year now and i decided to make a Cops-Robbers-RPG (Kinda like LVRCR) and base it in San Fierro. My aim was to make a good skeleton with just enough features in the script to make it usable as a v1.0 script on a paid for SA-MP server. Now after completing the script, i can look back and definitly say that i have achieved this.

I wanted to make this in San Fierro due to the fact that there aren't many/any San Fierro Cops-Robbers-RPG scripts out there and fully released on the SA-MP forums. San Fierro is a good place to have a GM and i don't think many people realise it. It could also be made much better than what i have made it by a little bit more mapping of other things such as casinos.

But, like i said, this is only a skeleton of a good GameMode. Anyone is free to follow the logic that i have created and make the script much better. Aslong as im credited for it.

Differences from LVRCR 1.8

Firstly, i started to script this Gamemode from scratch on January 11th 2011 and finished the script on February the 7th 2011. I did not copy any code from LVRCR 1.8 or CRRPG 3.0 (Which i helped script).
This script is much tidier than LVRCR and it uses WAY less CPU than LVRCR did. There are also many things in this GM that are different such as the CIA class, FBI class etc, but i won't ramble on, lets get down to business.


- Police Officer
- /cuff (PlayerName/ID)
- /m(egaphone) (Message)
- Roadblocks
- /search (PlayerName/ID)
- /suspect (PlayerName/ID) (Reason)
- /ticket (PlayerName/ID)
- /payticket
- /pu (PlayerName/ID)
- /arrest (PlayerName/ID)
- /detain (PlayerName/ID)
- /dropoff (PlayerName/ID)
- /911 (Message) - For Civilians.
- Locked Police vehicles, interior, workable gates and security door using keypads at the garage entrance.

- Army Officer
- Working gates at entrance.
- Working vehicles including tanks.
- Extra mapped base onto the current base.

- FBI Officer (500 Score)
- Mapped FBI Base.
- FBI interior including working keypad security doors, and a lift to the garage and roof.
- Working entry/exit gates to garage.

- CIA Officer (Admin assigned)
- Mapped CIA Base.
- CIA Interior.
- Working entry/exit gates to the base.
- The ability to use a satelite to view players and what they are doing.
- The ability of CIA to /tackle to disable players.

- Police Air Support && Marine Support
- 2 seperate bases.
- 2 sets of vehicles at each base: Helicopters && Police boats.

- Medics
- All players can call a medic with /medic.
- Medics can use /heal, /healme, cure, /cureme.
- Medics can set the price of their services with /setprice.

- Car Mechanic
- All players can call a mechanic with /mechanic.
- Mechanics can use /repair, /repairme.
- Mechanics can use /setprice to set the price of their services.

- Taxi Driver
- Drivers can enter a taxi vehicle to go on duty.
- Players can call for a taxi with /driver.
- Drivers can use /setprice to set the price of their services. (Pay per minute)

- Civilian (Rapist)
- Can rape players and infect them with STI's that can kill them.
- All players except law enforcement can /rape but cannot infect.

- Civilian (Drug Dealer)
- Players can call for them with /drugdealer.
- Can sell weed to players with /sellweed.
- Can sell heroin to players with /sellheroin.
- Players can use /smokeweed (Grams).
- Players can use /injectheroin.

- Civilian (Weapon Dealer)
- Players can call for them with /weapondealer.
- Can show their weapons with /showweapons.
- Can sell weapons with /sellweapon.

- Civilian (Hitman)
- Can kill players on the hit list.
- Can view hitlist with /hitlist.
- Players can place hits on other players with /placehit.

- Civilian (Kidnapper)
- Can kidnap players with /kidnap (Must have rope).
- /Untie command for all players.
- /cutrope command for all players (Must have scissors).

- Civilian (Theif)
- Can rob players with /rob.

- Civilian (Car Jacker)
- Has to find bought cars from Otto's Cars and enter them to steal them.
- Takes the stolen cars to the shipyard (Marked with an anchor).
- Can use /sellcar to sell the stolen car to the shipyard.

- Civilian (Terrorist)
- Can buy C4 from the bomb shop behind Wang Cars. (Marked with BS).
- Can blow their vehicle with /blowcar.
- Can blow the CIA main building with /blowup.
- Can blow the CIA Satelite with /blowup.
- Can blow the CIA Bridge with /blowup.
- Terrorism Level that enables you to blow certain things up at certain levels.
- Can check /tlevel to see this level.

- Robable places around San Fierro
- Can rob these places with /robstore.
- Supa Save.
- Four Drug Houses.
- Garcia Burger Shot.
- Downtown Burger Shot.
- Ocean Flats Cluckin Bell.
- Downtown Cluckin Bell.
- Ammunation.
- GayDar Station (Bar).
- Zero's.
- Misty's (Bar).
- GYM.
- Driving School.
- Wang Cars.
- Train Station.
- Barbers.
- Hospital.
- Jizzy's Nightclub.
- Esplanade North Well Stacked Pizza.
- Downtown Zip.
- Downtown Victim.
- Juniper Hill Binco.
- The City Hall.
- A few more i might have forgot. (All are markered).

- Tram Driver NPC
- Tram Driver named Billy.
- He drives around San Fierro on the tram route, making a stop at:
- Downtown, Financial, Esplanade North, Calton Heights, Garcia and Doherty.

- Inventory
- Can store C4, Rope and Money in it.
- Use /inventory to access it.

- Map Icons
- Every possible place that can be entered or robbed etc has been marked on the map with a marker.

- Auto Wanted Level and Auto Jail
- Wanted Level and Jail Time are both saved on exit.
- When you re-enter, your level/jailtime will be given to you.

- IRC Commands according to your level on IRC: Voice, halfop, op, admin and owner.
- Everything from ingame is echoed to IRC.
- Admin IRC channel shows the stuff only admins should see ingame, on IRC.

- Admin Levels
- Admin levels 1-5 and 1337. (1337 being owner).
- Has a range of admin commands that can be viewed with /adcmds.

- Simple Anti-Cheat
- Ban's Illegal weapons and Cash hacks.

- Supa Save (Store)
- Can buy: Rope, scissors, sausage rolls (/sausage), needle and syringe.
- Can also be robbed.

- Regular Player Commands
- Roadblocks are locked to RP's.
- /rc (Chat).
- /afk and /back.

- Random hostnames
- Hostname changes every 2 minutes with some different messages.

- Random Messages
- Random messages that are helpful are messaged to all players every 2 minutes.

- Bank
- To store your cash.
- Can also transfer money to other accounts.

- Businesses
- 2 Non-Dynamic Businesses. (Must be set owner via playerfiles).
- Otto's Cars.
- 4 Drug Houses (1 Owner).
- Owner's recieve all profits when online, and offline (In to bank when offline).

- Non automatic vehicles
- Must use '2' or /engineon/off to start the vehicle engine.
- Can use the following: /lightson, /lightsoff, /bonnetup, /bonnetdown, /bootup, /bootdown.

There may also be a few other things ingame that i forgot to add to the Documentation. All commands can be seen with /commands and /gcommands.


Download and Information

I don't think there are any bugs in the server, i have tested it many times with a few people and fixed any bugs i came across. If your wondering why i didn't use MySQL instead of dudb, it is because i am used to dudb and i like using it. Even though it takes more CPU.

Credits (Can also be seen at /credits)

If you want to use this script, i would really like to be in the credits. So, let that be the agreement between me and you, using the script. Anyhow, here are the credits that are given:

- CRRPG {Site: www.crrpg.co.uk}
- For enspiring me to make some of the skills/classes in this script.
- Y-Less for sscanf.
- Dracoblue for dudb && dcmd.
- Cuerv0 for the roadblocks script.
- Creator of xObjects.
- BM[UK] for the checkpoint streamer.

Please do not visit www.crrpg.com or samp.crrpg.com, as they are thieves which stole the GameMode. The correct website link is shown above.

Download links


Source Code: Pastebin's filesize limit of 1MB has stopped this.

Feel free to post mirrors

Mirror: counter.info.cm/SFCRRPG.zip

Awesome script, i've helped testing it

Please remember to edit the .pwn to change the IRC Network to suit you, otherwise my network will be spammed. And we don't want that :P

Also, don't forget to put the SFCRRPG folder in the scriptfiles folder, otherwise itill crash.


why do you have to release this awesome script? It's really superb

Because i made it when i was bored. And my main aim all along was to get a script like this out there.

it looks good stevo i have not test it but i well tho good job bro good job From. Tom_Fox

I really like how you described it, and how there is only a few of these.
I am happy to see what you have in store next.

great job!

very nice good job

Yes, i am aware of a few of those where i just forgot to add that bit :P Easily fixed.
As for that runtime error, i don't know what's wrong, all i recommend is to re-install your SAMP server and start again.

Why doesn't it work on a host? It's the exact same as a home host. Post the server.log from your host and i can help.

Originally Posted by Stevo127
View Post
Yes, i am aware of a few of those where i just forgot to add that bit :P Easily fixed.
As for that runtime error, i don't know what's wrong, all i recommend is to re-install your SAMP server and start again.

Why doesn't it work on a host? It's the exact same as a home host. Post the server.log from your host and i can help.
Reinstalled it twice. .-. ....

Then you must have done something wrong.

ok this is what i get when i start my server: [19:08:59] *** IRC Plugin: Could not resolve server address (Ingen sеdan vдrd дr kдnd.)
[19:08:59] *** IRC_OnDisconnect: Bot ID 1 disconnected!


Dragonheart, you need to edit the IRC Network in the script. Although the server still works even when it doesnt connect to IRC.

ok, edit where? but if i me and my friends can play w/o it, why do i even need it, what does it do?

oh and i tried to play but the server doesnt respond :/

IRC lets you chat and administrate the server from IRC. You dont have to be ingame to do this. This helps when you make a proper hosted server.

If you search for:


You will find it.
If you have it home hosted, you can connect via (Port is specified in the server.cfg)
Otherwise, if you have your IP port forwarded you can connect through your IP:PORT.
Get your IP from www.ipchicken.com

Noob question here, but can some please tell me how to take out the user id if your a cop. So if i want to arrest or ticket or cuff the nearest player i just type /arrest , instead of /arrest (user id). I cant stanbd the user id in roleplay or cop and robbers games, thanks so much guys.

Nice GameMode

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