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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a couple of testers to help me test my upcoming prison roleplay server: Nevada Prison Roleplay 3.0.

Here's a couple screenshots so far so you can see what to expect:

The kind of testing required will be sporadic, I need to be able to test code with other players present in the server. It's also kind of a sneak-peak of the server!

Drop me a PM if you're interested. It would be very helpful if you totally understand the general Roleplay game-mode and it's common rules.

This is the third iteration of this server, I created the first iteration about three years ago, you can view the trailer for the older version here:

As you can see, this trailer represents an earlier iteration of the script and map.

Still looking.

Looking to join a server needing a Fire Chief. I have real life experience and have a medical license(EMR).
Contact me:
VIA the SAMP Forums
Skype: patrickward11

Scripting small things for cheap prices ($2-$4)

Wild-Gaming need Donators, Hit me up; If you're interested, The one to donate will get Administrative Pos in WG server. Skype: peter.rowlett

Need Mappers
Need Admins
Need Scripters

A highly experienced person is looking for a job on an RP server. I'm mature and I'm a hard working person. I'm specified in these fields:
  • Graphics designing
  • Administrating
If you need a person like me in your server, please contact me via forums or skype (adin.bradic1)...

PS. I'm doing this for free!!!

Looking for: Front end web developer with competent design experience, help work on a fully custom UCP with highly developed back end experiences which will change the way UCPs are viewed in the SA:MP community!

Looking for a professional staff and developer.

In need of Alpha testers and two or three good mappers, PM me here or visit me @ rnsamp.com/forum

I am seeking a partner(s) / developer(s) who can fulfil the requirements below for a role in a new roleplay server.
  • Extensive knowledge of PAWN, SQL & Database management.
  • Able to comply with coding practices and a unified style of coding for the project.
  • Knowledge of SAMP roleplay and a passion for creating unique systems.
  • A mature laid back attitude, easy to communicate with and happy communicating on a daily basis to discuss progress of the project.
  • Comfortable with signing a Non Disclosure Agreement in order to contribute to the project coding.
  • Knowledgable with using Git to merge code and work independently to manage your assigned development tasks.
Please private message me if you are interested and feel you have the right skills to contribute to the project.
Preferably people from the UK, USA, Canada or similar countries where English is your primary main language.

The base of the server has been established and I have been scripting the gamemode independently for a long time. I feel now is the time that I create a team where we can all contribute to making the server a success and enhance the existing features.

We are looking for scripters, we are willing to pay a high price during this project.
It's a private project but it will gain heavy impact towards the community

This is a Roleplay project, requiring professional scripters since I am paying an high amount of money and it's a project that will change the community.



I am hiring someone who can help me in adding some features to my User control panel. I am ready to pay send me a PM if u want to work for me

Call of Duty Advance Warfare

is looking for professional, experienced and mature administrators.

Activity of minimum 3 hours per day.
2000 score.
At least 2 weeks of activity in community.
Atleast 15 years of age.
Fluent in English and dealing players
Mature, responsible and can catch hackers.
Not from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.


i would like to say that im providing free services for you all i can give you my list which all im providing you for free
  1. Web Developing
  2. Software Developing Basical
  3. PHP Developing
  4. SA-MP Scripting Basic (Still studying ):
  5. UCP Developing
  6. Hosting Your Server
  7. Web Designing
  8. Administrating
and im doing this services for absolutely free with no cost and interest to if anyone is interested then please dont feel bad to contact me just be feel free to do it
Thanks !!!!!

I'm looking for a developer, mappers, and administrators for a Freeroam/Stunt/DM/Race server. You must be fluent in English and be at least 16 years old for maturity reasons. PM me telling me which position you want to apply for and I'll send you an application form.

Developers, mappers, and administrators will all have instant access to all Premium features and will be promoted to an admin level subject to their position.




I'm looking for a good scripter to build for me a system(ObjectEditor).
If you are serious contact me via skype/SAMP forums.

The price will be announced in a private message!

Skypename: gggaaalll112233

Thanks for reading!

Looking for:

Community Manager
Beta Testers

Join FORUM >>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<

<3 Duke

Looking for a scripter do to some editing and add a couple of features, will pay.
Contact me via PM.

City Life Roleplay.

We're looking for PHP Developers to create a functional UCP.

contact me via my website.

username is Dylan Green

Hello i am interested for someone that can help me to open a server.
I dont have credit card so i dont need donations of server.
I have a zombie server created and its an advanced server. I want to find someone to make server alive and keep it
He can keep all of donations for himself. I can make update for server every Saturday or meaby and sometimes 2 times in week.
I want you to have also hosted tab
You will be owner. i meaby can stay hidden if you want
I dont want this beauty server stay offline thats why i am doing this
Contact me at Skype: armando.gjoni1

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