Any Emoticons FS?

Hey guys is there any Emoticons/Emotions/Moods filterscript?
What i mean is when player type /angry a Skull appears on players head. If not , is there any Fs which have Many much commands like /me , /angry (_____ is Angry etc..) /sad , /happy and much much more.

I don't think those animations are there.Anyway these are some animations filterscripts.

- All Animations ( - by ^Woozie^
- Animations ( - by Scottas
- AnimCool ( - by Miguel_Leopold
- iAnims ( - by iggy1
- ZET's Animation Viewer ( - by ZET

I remember these :/ nothing like that what i thought... Nevermind

Dont think there is anything like this, only know of animations.

Well these are scriptable
How ?
Just try out the AttachObject ?
/anger search for a helmet type object and place it in player head when the player type the cmd.
Well if you want me to make it.
Just send me a Pm :/.
But you should first try it yourself..I will only help you ,If you failed somewhere or so.

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