Post links to your favourite music clips

Just like the title says, post the links to your favoruite music clips. ( Youtube whatever)

I will start off, I like the polish rap (JP Firma-in my avatar, Hemp Gru, Prosto, stoprocent)

Hemp Gru - Nie zapomne ( ENG- I won't forget ) :

Hemp Gru - Nie Zapomne

Hemp Gru - Zjedz Skreta ( ENG- Eat da joint) :

Hemp Gru - Zjedz Skręta

JP Firma - Po tej samej stronie ( ENG- On the same way) : [the best one]

FIRMA "Po Tej Samej Stronie"

THS klika - poludniowa praga ( ENG- southern praga) :


Check them out, they're really good :P You may not understand them, that's why they might be shitty for you, but for those who understands they're good Cheers, post your fav music clips links now


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