Object Streamer - Looking for a little streamer! ~300 obj.

Hello everybody,
I have a little problem ...
Namely, for the moment I have 80 objects in the map, and I intend to come to ~ 300.
However, using some map objects Streamers froum 70KB (Used DCMD) in the case of
Turbostreamer its weight was 800k (. Amx) but when i use
Bfx_objects its weight was 8MB (. Amx)!

I'm also looking for other Streamers, but the results were similar.
Is there a little streamer that does not fetch a lot of CPU and does not increase the weight of the map to more than 150KB?

Thanks for helping.

man there are too many object on san andreas. i think 300 object isn't do anything to your CPU

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