Bus Problem

I have a bus job route in my script.You must to write /startroute to start the bus checkpoints route,but I got a problem.When I write a command (any .Example: /pay) while I'm in the Bus , the bus is respawned .There is no problem when I write anything without "/" in front.I am using TogglePlayerControllable,so the bus must to wait 10 seconds before leave the station.Is this the source of my problem?.Anyone who have the same problem and maybe know the answer?

Show us your code, that is always helpful.


I search some Bus-script how you can Drive some Lines. I have 7 Lines how i wannaDrive with Cheackpoints. There Scriptmust have a Menue how is can select a line.

sry for my very bad english but im German.

Can anny one help me?

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