Server not working

well for a year until last tuesday i was trying to work my server, to get it out to the net, Sucess - I had to allow TCP AND UDP port ON FIREWALL ...

But just now, when i tryed to launch my server, it doesnt come up on SA:MP , the Samp-server.exe is open ..

I've tried changing the port to 1337 and did all the lil bits...

someone help? << Ip

I have changed port in server.cfg.... if your wondering.

Post server.cfg

echo Executing Server Config...
lanmode 1
rcon_password ---pass---
maxplayers 10
port 1337
hostname << >>
gamemode0 SFvsLV
filterscripts ladmin4v2 medit spawner adminspec vactions actions
announce 1
query 1
anticheat 0

Bump --

I need this problem resolved

do you have your 1337 port open?

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