Rp Server looking for a Scripter and a Mapper...

I come from a server that is being revamped because it's old admins decided to throw a hissy fit and leave over there own quarreling. I was the only admin left. My name's Eric I'm 22 from Massachusetts and along with myself is a buddy whom I've been rping with for about a year now. Him and I are looking to take that old server and re-face it. Our original scripter went AWOL after the big fight with the old admins. Followed by a scripter just straight up "vanishing"

We're looking for...

1. An experianced scripter (possibly someone who can show some of his work off)
2. A mapper (someone with a decent background of being able to place objects on the map with little issues)

As far as a reward goes or a "pay" we have nothing set up yet.

We're not looking for someone to dedicate their life to our server but someone who enjoys rp and would like to help a soon to be great rp community. We still have an amazing group of Rpers from the past that just want to play and enjoy themselves. And a whole new team of admins willing to take care of everything and help as much as possible.


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