Tried everything still cant connect to any server

The gta_sa just wont appear after i click connect on all server

- gta_sa.set deleted still the problem occurred
- its v1.0 try patching it nothing happens
- reinstall 4x no changes, please dont say "try reinstalling"
- reinstall 4x means no mod at all

any suggestion?

mmm but you can play the Single player?

also which Operative System are u using

yea singles work fine

I'm using XP, shouldnt have any problem

3 years ago I could connect with no problem

anyone else?

Do you have mods installed?

Also check this:

seriously man this is not listed on that FAQ

I've reinstalled 4x and all of the 4 I delete all of the folder on rockstar means no mod at all

yea I read that for like 10x today 25x including yesterday and not solved

d3d9.dll also not in my GTA:SA folder

Ok guys stop sending wiki pedia and ect shit... go to this page it tells you everythink.

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