Problem on Running a Server On Alice Box Router


I got a problem since a long time ago and still , when running an SA:MP Server from my PC on Alice Box Router . The problem is that i prepared everything for the server , placed scripts & gamemodes & plugins succesfully and without any problems , i modified server.cfg to the best configuration for me , Then i launched samp-server.exe , it launched sucesfully and appeared the black DOS window .

The local adress works perfectly , either , But when i put my Internet Protocol (IP) (which i get from the website whatismyip) IT doesn't work and it says "Retrieving info ...[IP:Port]...etc

The problem is i made everything , forwared sucesfully ports on router configuration , And configured correcly Windows Firewall with best configuration to run SA:MP. And i tested the ports i forwarded and it said the ports are OPENED !

But problem kept like before and nothing changed , I contacted some friends and they did everything but they couldn't , should be a wierd problem

I hope you guys can help and i will really appreciate that

Your friend,

u must forward ports for your server, i dnt know how is it possible with alice.

In my Speedport of Telekom it's easy i found it under network -> NAT and Ports.

I forwarded the same port as at server.cfg which is 7777.

And i forwarded the port 7777 for TCP & UDP (Both).

Also i tested it with a port tester (from and it says the port is OPENED.

What should i do please ?

let connect a mate of you without the dns shit or get a static ip adress.


It's possible that you forwarded the port not correctly, the lan ip of your computer is maybe differrent than the ip you put in the router at the Port Forwarding options

click on start and open "run" and type "cmd" then type in the dos box ipconfig /all and post a screen of the black box and of your router with forwarded ports.

I forwarded all IPs correctly and without no problems.

And about ipconfig /all , it showed but what should i do after ?

Are you the one testing it from the external ip? If so, only other people can see it online with the external, you with the internal.

I tested it on internal (with & ) and server found!
I tested it on external (My IP:7777) and "Retrieving server..."

I dunno what happened to it

send us pictures of your server

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