Dosen't load servers

When i open my Sa-mp, it dosen't load any servers.
it goes like this:
loads all favorites(no-one is online).
then i switch to internet/hosted/official(noone shows servers also)
then i switch back to favorites and it dosen't show any servers.. yesterday was OK, now it shh up.
Tried downloading newest client(SA-MP 0.2X-u1)

Thanks for your upcoming replys

If you have a firewall on that has DNS checking, disable it and try again.

I have ZoneAlarm firewall, the free one, sa-mp is allowed on everything, didn't find anything about DNS checking. in my router, firewall is disabled.

Is Windows Firewall (or Defender on vista) turned on?

sorry for late replay, have been sleeping
No, the firewall is turned off.


I can not see any servers in SA:MP

First off, ensure you are following the procedures set out in the Quick-start guide. If you have followed what it says, and still cannot see any servers, you must allow SA:MP access through your firewall. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of available firewall software, we can not offer further support on this - we suggest looking at the manufacturers website or trying a ****** search. Also make sure you have the latest SA:MP version!


murphy, i have done those steps and it didnt helped

Look through this and tell us if it worked.

As i said i checked it before and it didn't worked. by the way, i opened 7777 port in my router.

BUMP, is there any "beta" or something samp version, or debug samp version, or CMD version that u just type ip and login- surpassing the normal SAMP?

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