textdraw random amount

how to change text in a textdraw to random number?

i have

pawn Код:
new Text:Test1;
pawn Код:
new money1 = random(5000);
new money2 = random(5000);
new money3 = random(5000);

Test1 = TextDrawCreate(200.000000,215.000000,"$ %s~n~$ %s~n~ %s", money1, money2, money3);
i know this is not right but not sure how to make it work

i trying to make those %s be changeable by a random somewhere else, or like, the amount thats already there + random amount

can someone please help me get started

money1 etc, are integers, not strings. So it's not %s, but %i or %d. Read the manual next time.

%s is for names

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