Problem with GTA:SA

Hello all...

ive just bought a new PC 2 Weeks ago.

PC Information:
Intel i7 Processor (2,66 GHZ)
3 GB Ram
1 TB Hard Disk
Nvidia GEForce 9500 GT
Windows Vista Home Premium SP 1

My Problem: If i start GTA, the first loading Screen is freezed for 15-30 secounds.
The same when i press escape or when i minimize GTA:SA

I wounder why that happens, because my GTA 4 runs smoothy (laggfree) on the highest Detail Level (everything is on High and at 1920 x 1080 Pixels)


Does anyone had this Problem, too or can Help me?

I tried Folowing things:
  • Run as Administrator
  • Install Direct X
  • Get newest Grafic Drivers
  • Run in Windows XP SP 2 Modus

Tried reinstalling the game SA:MP ? Some mods can conflict with each other and ruin the game... I would at least try

i already tried, and i dont have any mods installed

Did you downgraded GTA:SA?

Its V 1.1

Originally Posted by ►☺◄©ookie►☺◄
Its V 1.1
You need v1.0

Someone told me that it dont makes sense if i have 1.0 or 1.1

I downgraded but still the same

Since Vista dont support GTA:SA nor SA:MP, that could be the problem :/

I have something like that, if I press ESC, then my screen goes black, I see a little from my wallpaper, goes black and then I see the menu.. I don't know if this is the same that you are having. let me know

Anyways, the only thing that matches in the setup of your pc and mine is Windows Vista and that we both have an intel CPU and a NVIDIA videocard

Let me explain...

... I start samp.. connect to a server
... i see the first loading screen (without the bar)
... black screen for anything about 15 Secounds(freezed) (Teamspeak is lagging)
... secound loading screen (with bar)
... black for anything about 5 secounds (freezed) (Teamspeak is lagging)
... i play
and play
and play

but then comes the moment when i must press ESC

... i press ESC , black screen for anything about 1 Minute (freezed) (Teamspeak is lagging)
... The Menu is showing.. the rest of the menu dont laggs
... but when i go back ingame
... black screen (freezed) (Teamspeak is lagging)


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