How to use Rcon?

When I open rcon in my GTA SA folder it just opens and closes before I do something, please tell me what to do since I need Rcon.

Nevermind problem solved.

Originally Posted by Jafri
Nevermind problem solved.
lol i ahve same prob help me

/rcon login password.

/rcon login rconpassword

from the wiki

* /rcon cmdlist - Shows a list with commands.
* /rcon varlist - Shows a list with the current variables.
* /rcon exit - Closes the server.
* /rcon echo [text] - Shows the [text] in the console of the server (NOT the client-console in-game).
* /rcon hostname [name] - change the hostname text (example: /rcon hostname my server).
* /rcon gamemodetext [name] - change the gamemode text (example: /rcon gamemodetext my gamemode).
* /rcon mapname [name] - change the map name text (example: /rcon mapname San Andreas).
* /rcon exec [filename] - Executes the file which contains server cfg (example: /rcon exec blah.cfg).
* /rcon kick [ID] - Kick the player with the given ID (example: /rcon kick 2).
* /rcon ban [ID] - Ban the player with the given ID (example: /rcon ban 2).
* /rcon changemode [mode] - This command will change the current gamemode to the given one (example: if you want to play sftdm: /rcon changemode sftdm).
* /rcon gmx - Will load the first gamemode (gamemode0) in server.cfg.
* /rcon reloadbans - reloads the samp.ban where the banned IP addresses are stored. This will clear all the IP-addresses.
* /rcon reloadlog - clears the server_log.txt.
* /rcon say - shows a message to the players in the client-console (example: /rcon say blah).
* /rcon players - Shows the players that are in the server (with there name, IP & ping).
* /rcon banip [IP] - Ban the given IP (example: /rcon banip
* /rcon unbanip [IP] - Unban the given IP (example: /rcon unbanip
* /rcon gravity - Changes the gravity (example: /rcon gravity 0.00.
* /rcon weather [ID] - Changes the weather (example: /rcon weather 1).
* /rcon loadfs - Loads the given filterscript (example: /rcon loadfs adminfs).
* /rcon unloadfs - Unload the given filterscript (example: /rcon unloadfs adminfs).
* /rcon reloadfs - Reloads the given filterscript (example: /rcon reloadfs adminfs).


Where can i Put that command ? lol i dont know too

I think d0 was mistaken. This actually should be happening. You need to do the following:

- Open a text editing tool, and make a new document.
- Paste the following into your document, replacing the data accordingly:
rcon.exe 7777 changeme
(rcon.exe IP PORT RCON-PASS)

Then you need to save this document as rcon.bat. Make sure this file is in the same directory at rcon.exe is located.

Simply run this .bat file, and it should work.

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