How to do this ? (prettty weird)

I reccently played on a movie making server.It was a command,/crazy,if you typed it,all the trees started bending,the sky became red and almost everything became like more red.It only had effect for like 1-2 minutes.Never saw something like this before,hoped you understood me.How can I do it ?

"all the trees started bending" This happends when you have a high gravity! You can meke it whits SendRconCommand("gravity 0.50"); But if you only wont it to be for the player who typed /crazy you need This (Click me)! And for the sky turn red thing try to change the weather like this: SendRconCommand("weather 600"); change "600" to a rondom number and find a red one!

But I think this shuld be in the Script Request Thread!

It's a weather id, something like 400.

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