Problem with my Teams

2 Players log in as Pimp and start a trufwar vs Pilots,zone flashes Pimp red and original Pilots grey until war ends,when Pimp wins turf is now red,that all works perfect.Now the problem:Same 2 players hit F4 and /kill and change team to Cops,cops team is green,start a turf war vs Pilots but now the turf flashs Pilots grey and pimp red until war over,Cops win and turf goes to Pimp red again.

So for some reason when a player captures zone as Pimp and then switches team to Cops and capturing of zone still goes to Pimp,even though plyers skin is Cop and color blip on map and text color are all Cop only turf wars show him as still Pimp?

I hope someone understands what i am trying to say?

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