Help with a job

Hello. i made a trucker job but i have some problems. first... i want to create a vehicle(id 584) which is trailer to attach to player. and i want if he do it again and he already has a trailer, to send a msg(thats ok i did it) but i did attachtrailertovehicle and its not working. maybe im using it wrong. and i want when im going in the checkpoint to destroy my trailer. Anybody can help? Thanks

Show us the code that isnt working.

And for the checkpoint:

At top of script:
pawn Код:
new TruckerCP;
Under OnGameModeInit
pawn Код:
TruckerCP = SetPlayerCheckpoint(blah bllabh blah);
And then on OnPlayerEnterCheckpoint,

Just fix what should happen if he enters checkpoint "TruckerCP".

i mean.. i have problem with AttachTrailerToVehicle :S i wanna save the car ID Of the car and then to attach it on the vehicle. that i want. To save the Car id of the trailer to attach it on the vehicle.

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