game crash

hello, i find server, and click conneect, game come up. i click new game, and it crash. do i do something wrong? i do no know why it crash.

i get in game now, i can hear gun in far, what i need do to fix? i take picture..

From that picture it seems to be your Internet connection.

Screen sticks at "Connecting to"

The server could be offline, or if you cant connect to any server, disable your firewall and see if it works. If it does you must set up your firewall properly - go to its website to find out how. It could also be that you have an old version of SA-MP, download the latest version from the SA-MP download page.

I have a modified GTA: San Andreas, and my SA:MP won't load
If it wont load then remove your mods. More information why mods can cause issues with your game can be found here

When launching GTA with SA:MP it wont start
Make sure you don't have any cheats/mods and remove d3d9.dll from your GTA San Andreas folder if you have it. You could also try deleting the gta_sa.set file in your userfiles-folder.

Connection Problems
If you got the message "Connection attempt failed, retrying" , you probably have the wrong SA-MP client. For example, if you have the SA-MP 0.2.2 client and the server version is 0.2X, you'll get this message.

Judging by the text color, that is not the 0.2X version... you need to update your SA-MP by downloading a new one from -> downloads.

Old version of SA-MP browser, download the newest version by clicking this link

thank you. i have new issue, what do the mean.. /regnick <password>

/regnick is something like /register

Most of the servers got it.

You join the server with your nickname and when you play and earn money or something like that, you want it to be saved so you /register

/regnick [password]
It's like /register [password]

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