Do i need team fix ?

Have a new problem,

I have 8 teams,when 2 players log into server as Chickens and start a turfwar ,turf flashes and changes to chicken color, they get message "Chickens have started Turfwar" all is well and it works.

If both use F4 and /kill and change teams to Cops and start turf the war starts fine but the turf flashes and changes to Chicken color and message is still "Chickens have started Turfwar"

Is this a team fix and how do i scrip[t that?

We can help if you post your pwn : /

Here is the script,a little different but it has 5 teams and things work great but when a player uses F4 /kill when he takes another turf,his former team gets it

So like 2 Chickens take Pimp turf,hit F4 /kill,join Justice,take another Pimp turf,Chicken still gets turf and it swithces to Chickens color.

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