Edit Line 78 (HostName)

Hello, i've read a noobie tutorial but i cant get it working on this source i downloaded, it works on the standard source you're getting from SA-MP.com's site but it wont work i only get that hostname : Edit Line 78 (HostName)...
Can anyone help me about it ? And yes i edited it in Server.cfg but can there be a other one with the name ''edit line...'' ?

u have to go to the script and ctrl+g line 78 and should say HOTSNAME "and here you put your server name"

Any ideas what it could be called and where located ?

Open the .pwn file. Press CTR+G. type in '78'. Then it should say something like
pawn Код:
#define HOSTNAME   "SomeTextHere"
Change the 'sometexthere' without removing the quotes.

I opened the new.pwn but it cant find it, i guess its the wrong .pwn file ?

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