A little help please?

Script_OnGangWarStart(iii,zoneid, attackers, owner)
  SendAllFormattedText(attackers, "You have started a TurfWar", 0);[/code

 This works to send a message but what i would like is to send a message to owners of zone saying
"you are being attacked" and to attackers saying "you are attacking a turf"

 Could you please help on how to use the if and/or else if commands so only the attackers and owners get messages.

I'm not being a jerk, I'm actually helping you get better answers by doing this:

This is YSI code and so this question should be posted in the YSI topic in the Filterscript Showroom. I assure that only people familiar with YSI can help you. Everyone else will tell you your code is wrong and will "help" you with non YSI code.

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