Im getting somewhere,just a little more help

Script_OnGangWarStart(zoneid, attackers, owner)
  SendPlayerFormattedText(attackers, "You are attacking a Turf!", 0);
I put this on my gamemode and i used my 2 computers and joined my server on each.When a turfwar started the first computer that connected got a message "You are attacking a Turf" but the second computer got no message,it did flash and also show the new turf but just no mesasge.

Any help on how to get a message for all the members of the attacking team?

Were they on the same team?

Yes 2 players on the same team,stood on opposing teams turf and started a war after 1 minute or so,only one of the players got the "attacking a turf" message

Hmm, turn your server online. I wana' check it out.

i will tommorrow

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