TextDrawSetString sets 2 textdraws

I've made2 textdraws, named:
new Text:Underline;
new Text:TextdraMoney[MAX_PLAYERS];

The Underline, will be created by OnGameModeInit. And the money, if a player connect. Both will be showed when the player spawns.The money textdraw, checks your money every second, so i've made a timer and a Forwarded callback.
In that callback, i written:
pawn Код:
new PlayerMoney;
    new string[256];
    PlayerMoney = GetPlayerMoney(playerid);
    format(string, sizeof(string), "$%09d", PlayerMoney);
    TextDrawSetString(TextdrawMoney[playerid], string);
Oke, i think, that will be good. So i go ingame, look at the money, it works! And perfectly! Then, i looked at the underline... In stead of the tekst i setted, the TextDrawSetSring sets also the underline, just for one time. So in my underline is standing: $000000000, always.

But how can that? How is it possible that that TextDraw changes, but i never allowed that to do?

Hope someone can help me

I had this problem to for a long time, same textdraws underline (for website) and $00000000 for bank money, and my bank money taked over my underline textdraw, after a long time it just turned normal, i don't remember what i did...

Try to remove every filterscript and then test again.

Originally Posted by Andom
Try to remove every filterscript and then test again.
Didn't help..

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