How to make house and gang wars

Hi there guys i want to make a house but like infront of the house there is I pickup and when you go there it says type /enter to enter and /exit to exit and when you type /enter you go to a specified interior. And i want to make a turf wars at every 2 hours for example to be a gang war where all the gangs can fight and everyone higher than rank 4 can capture it and it will be theirs for 5 minutes and if anyoone cant capture the turf within then the point will be theirs for 10 hours. Please help me PLEASE

this is very hard to do if you have less or non programming or scripting experience,
first of, what you are asking is big already, because what i think, is you are asking for house ( system );

secondly, you want to restrict acces to it, ( but that aint hard to make when the system is there)

try to make a workaround or get someone who can make this for you;

ok forget about the gang wars im asking for this when you go to a I pickup and type enter to go inside and when you type exit to go at the front

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