Block Alt-Enter

The key combination sends the game into a windowed mode. I don't ever want to use it. Playing any game with a light desktop visible around it and a chance to lose focus is not useful. How could I completely disable this?

I have a problem with AutoHotkey scripts sending the game into windowed mode accidentally. This causes the display output to become corrupted, lose anti-aliasing, and usually require a restart.

In AutoHotkey I do something like the following. Just doing one SendInput {NumpadEnter} is enough to trigger the problem.

Sleep 300
BlockInput On
Sleep 100
SendInput t%Clear%/skin{NumpadEnter}
Sleep 400
; a dialog appears
SendInput %VehId%{NumpadEnter}
BlockInput Off

The combination is Alt-0. If I am still holding the Alt while an input without "t" is being sent, I will trigger the combination Alt-Enter. This happens if I have to reach across the keyboard or use two hands. I was unable to completely trap the key combination in AHK, nor programmatically release the Alt. Maybe you could give me a hint of how to find this command in samp itself to change to some non-existant combo?

Why are you using 'NumpadEnter' if it's causing the problem, why not using 'Enter' instead?

I believed, without thorough verification, that I had successfully worked around this problem because the keys are different to the underlying GTA. One can be set for jumping out of the car but not the other. Regular {Enter} of course causes the game to enter windowed mode as well.

You could trigger the script on release of the alt key, or toggle off BlockInput when alt is released.

Waiting for release of Alt seems to work so far. Time will tell if it reliably works when the key gets stuck.

KeyWait, Alt, L

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