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We first launched in January 2007 and have since opened our doors to thousands of players over the past 13 years. Our script has been developed significantly over this period of time, and is now the most advanced it has ever been. The aim of the server is find the right balance between the players who want to come and freeroam, enjoying the benefits of the server in freeroam mode ( /fr ), and the type of player who wants to come and roleplay with groups of players from within the community ( /rp ) . With all of the relevant features that our script brings to the server, we have attracted both of these types of players for years.
Organisation System
Our organisation system is the core element of the server. The system allows great flexibility for all types of players. The system itself is categorised into a variety of different organisations (see below). All organisations are created following the players' requests and have the following generic functionality:

- A fully dynamic system allowing great flexibility for editing and creating organisations; without the need for a server restart, all changes are made dynamically.
- An exclusive organization channel allowing all org members to communicate privately.
- Leader and co-leader functionality.
- Functioning organization gates with gate modes.
- CCTV capabilities and alarm systems to alert of any intruders inside the organisation's HQ.
- A unique organisation color, skins, weapons and vehicles all requested by the organisation’s leader.
- An organization bank and wage system.
- Organization checkpoints containing information and options (depending on your leader and rank status)
- Organization ranks and permission sets for each rank.

Law Organisations
Our law organizations are made up of San Andreas Police Department, Special Weapons and Tactics, and San Andreas Armed Forces. Each of these organizations work together to combat the crime that occurs within the server. Law organisations have special features that allows them to combat crime, some of these features are listed below.
- A law channel allowing all law organizations to communicate with each other.
- A full wanted system allowing players to see who is wanted, along with their level and additional information such as who wanted the player originally and/or which crime belongs to each wanted star.
- The ability to create cones and roadblocks to close off parts of San Andreas.
- The ability to frisk players to discover what items the criminal is carrying as well the ability to remove those items.
- Law enforcers can cuff criminals.
- A location command allowing law enforcers to locate a criminal's last whereabouts (using a timing delay on the arriving information)
- Criminals can be jailed for a set time based on their wanted level in a roleplay situation, or can be arresred by being killed (if they attempt to escape)
- Police officers can fine wanted players. This will remove their wanted level.
- Police officers can deploy stingers in attempt to pop criminals' tires.

Criminal Organisations
Just like our law organisations our criminal organisations also have specific features. These organisations are split into 2 categories (Gang & Mafia). Here is a combined list of the features gangs & mafias have access too.
- The ability to take over turfs. These turfs will be highlighted on the map using the organizations' color.
- The ability to rob banks and casinos (permitting there are enough law enforcers online)
- A fully functioning drugs importing / drugs selling system.
- The ability to add tags using the organization's initials, or alternatively some gangs can use single-player tags.

The script also supports other types of organizations from health services to public transport, and quarry worker to hitman, etc etc.

Property/House System
We recognise that players like to have somewhere/something that they can call their own - we have 100+ properties in the server, with more being dynamically added on a weekly basis to meet demand, ensuring that there are a variety of property types available for all players. A player has full control over their property, allowing them to buy and sell when required. Players can sell their property for the 'market' price, or sell it directly to another player. Property owners can also allow their property to be rented out to other players in the server (this creates another source of income). The property pickup color, and the color of the 3D text above, will depend of the currect state of the property (for sale, owned, renting, renting and full, etc). Property owners and tenants can lock/unlock their property interior. Properties interiors have safes, where players can store cash, weapons and drugs. If you own a property, you can reset your personal vehicle locations to your property.

Business System
In addition to properties, players may also purchase shares in businesses. We have 100+ businesses within the server, which allows players to invest their money, and in return they get a steady source of income (based on their shares %) which is accumulated periodically regardless of if the player is online or not. Players may invest additional money to upgrade their business, which results in a higher timely income. If you own shares in a business, you can reset your personal vehicle locations to your business.

Bank System
To store the money that you generate within the server, we have a fully functioning bank system. Our bank system has the following functionality.
- Allows players to deposit and withdraw money from any bank or nearby ATM.
- Allows players to complete bank account transfers between different bank accounts.
- You can view your bank statement to see a list of your recent bank transactions.
- You can collect the interest that you have accumulated from the money you have in your bank account.

To ensure that all players are capable of driving, flying, and riding motorcycles, we have the following licences:
- Driving license (Type /drivingschool if you don't have a driving license)
- Flying license
- Motorcycle license
- Weapon License (can be purchased in-game)

Personal Vehicle System
Throughout the server there are a number of car and bike dealerships allowing you to purchase cars and motorcycles. At dealerships you can purchase and test drive vehicles. Additionally you may purchase insurance for the vehicle, change vehicle color, and add a license plate if you wish to do so.
- All customisation and tuning are saved to personal vehicles, and you can remove them using the relevant commands
- Players have full control over all vehicles (engine, lights, windows, bonnet, storing items in the trunk, doors, etc)
- Not happy with your vehicle anymore? No problem. Either sell it to a dealership for a set price, or sell it to another player for the price of your choice.
- If you own property and/or business, you may choose where you want your vehicle to parked at either asset, then your vehicle will then spawn there if you need to reset it's location. Alternatively you can reset your vehicle's location to the nearest police department.

Jobs System
We have a variety of jobs/missions for players to complete. This allows the player to earn additional income if needed. We have the following jobs/missions:
- Bus missions
- Trucking missions
- Pizza delivery missions
- Streak missions (train)

Clothes System
Not happy with your skin's appearance? Then customise it; head to any of the clothing stores to purchase a large variety of accessories. You can attach these to your skin in any way you like. Items include Bandanas, Masks, Caps/Hats, Glasses, Watches and Helmets.

Items System
There are many 24/7 stores around San Andreas where players can purchase an assortment of items. These items range from personal walkie talkies (allowing players to have their own private channels), GPS (allowing players to choose a location and a way-point being set for them), cellphone (allowing players to call other players, send text messages, have a fully functioning contacts phonebook and many other features), and other functional items (cameras, cigarettes, rope, and much much more).

Unique Interiors
We have a variety of unique and exclusive interiors within the server. These custom interiors include banks, hospitals, airports, fire dept, bars, restaurants, and more.

Event System
The server has a dynamic event system; allowing admins to set up unique and custom events ranging from DM/TDM to Capture the flag/Capture the vehicle, to Races, and more. These events are created dynamically by admins can can be opened at any time. This system allows for real time events to occur, and for us to vary the gameplay within the server at any time.

Player Support
After years of experience we have developed a large range of player support mechanisms which ensure players are comfortable playing in the server. Below these are listed.
- A Help Desk Operator System - This is a dedicated team of players who can answer any player queries about the server, there are dedicated commands to enable you to ask questions and queries directly.
- An Advanced Admin System - Our admin system allows us to identify any unwanted hackers, DM'ers or just general annoyances immediately allowing the admins to deal with any problems quickly and efficiently so that the players' experience isn’t affected.

Server Sided Features
To make our server more unique we have customised San Andreas' built in features; disabling client mod shops and Ammunations - they have been rebuilt on our server side, which allows much more customisation regarding these features.

We look forward to seeing you soon! - The eLg Staff Team

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