the number pings of player can affect server pings?

i have simple question:
example: i have server and in my server there are 50 players that play, to each of players the are 450 pings !
in another server: if to each of players the are 50 pings, the pings of the server will be less than the first server or it doesnt affect?
thank you !

Fairly sure that it doesn't affect it.
Remember, the ping is just a measure of how quick the communication between the client<->server is. Players will have lower/higher pings depending on where they are located.

I've played on servers where there's been a range of pings (some super low, some reaching 400 at max). This hasn't affected anything, although it has had some consequences in regards to lag for the player with the ping though, as expected.

If you server player is mostly from US, you can choose a US server. If from Asia then Asian Server. If from Eurpose and Europe server. If Mixed then choose for France or so which work ok with all region.

If you are running an English server then choose Europe as your host location.

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