Epic Stunt 3 [1440p]

New one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjNk86dSLUw

4 years ago - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSqvymPxUOA

awesome work mate! keep it up

I am a bit skeptical here that this is even this guys video. It feels like he just re-posted this from something he found not saying that is how it is but a lot of the time that kind of thing happens here. I don't want to be a dick but could you actually prove you made this? If not wouldn't really be fair to the guy who actually made it to be posting his vids.

Just a couple more things I noticed the first two videos have a shit load of views and I would expect the third to get a lot as well. Why the need to post it here? None of your whole 4 posts since 2010 have anything to do with this video series. Then all of a sudden you come to life! With the hottest shit SA-MP stunt video?

Something doesn't add up here. 10 years to actually release something? Let alone even write any posts! Let alone start a new thread!

Just tell us the truth layout some proof I am sure if you did make this you will be happy that your work is respected here! Just remember we don't take too kindly to credit scalping around these parts. So if someone uses someone else's work for themselves you can bet that is one of the most shunned acts in this community. Hopefully it is your work so I can give some +rep but right now I don't think so.

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I am a bit skeptical here that this is even this guys video.
I am bad in english, thats why i didin't explain something about video, for real i just wanna show us work to as many people as possible.
I didn't think that is really does matter if it is my own video or not, but if you wanna know this, no problem, here is a proof https://i.imgur.com/2HEx2oQ.jpg

Okay man that is cool. Just wanted to make sure it didn't look that way

The visuals & stunts are fucking dope, I love it.

(That copyright claim must have killed you though).

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