People time out after 1/2 minutes


On my linux server i am trying to run a samp server, but people randomly timeout, they see "the server is restarting" while its not actually restarting.


I should fix the streamer too, but i don't think that is the issue.

Anyone experienced this before?

The streamer issues are all solved now, still the same problem.

You could try to test Grand Larceny and see if people timeout. If they do not timeout, it could be a problem with your gamemode or perhaps the plugins you're using.

Are you also using the latest version of SKY?

I've had the same issues especially on older OVH/Kimsufi hardware. Now whenever I purchase a server, I test to see if Grand Larceny works. I've raised a ticket with Kimsufi who have told me its an issue with the kernel OVH ships with linux distributions. There was no mention of a fix but they advised me to install Debian 9 and then manually upgrade to 10 which has worked.

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