Liberty, Vice city maps

@Kalcor, Where did these maps go ? Does this have anything to do with the last problems on the team?

Kalcor purged himself.

yall don't deserve it

Kalсor, don't we deserve it?

The main reason I did the lc/vc maps for 0.3.8 was to show the system could load large numbers of models. San Andreas is big map and there are already places in SA like LC and VC.

Anyone is welcome to re-release it.

The odd thing I've noticed is I release stuff and then I get attacked for it.

You're just proving my point. I spent 2 years working on VC-MP and the current maintainer goes out of his way to insult me. Why? Because VC-MP was released under the GPL/open source license and he doesn't want to follow the GPL. His way around that is to insult me and my coding ability, reinforcing his internal justification.

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