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Shadow Generation Gaming | SGG:RP is a SAMP's 0.3.7 Dynamic Roleplay server where you can enjoy your virtual life as if it is a reality.
You can become police, medics, sanitary worker, arms dealer, drugs smuggler, a business owner and much more!
you can become be part of this.

Factions system (LSPD,LSFMD)
Crate Cave system
Works system (Taxi, Bodyguard, Arms Dealer, Drug Smuggler, And more)
come ingame and see which systems we have.

Starter Pack

When you logging to the server you will be able to get a refund from any server,
If it is your first time at SAMP and you don't have a server to be refunded from
you will get level 3 Gold V.I.P for a week,150,000$ and car voucher.

LSPD is the one of trying to make Los Santos safe.
LSFMD is the one which saving peoples when they're injured.

We have a couple of gangs which trying to capture Los Santos for themselves.
We have turf system for them they can capture it and get stuff from it
We have a points system to get Materials/Drugs after they capture it.

Some screenshots from the server

What are you waiting for
Server:Click here
Forum:Click here
Discord:Click here

Hope to see you in-game.


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