Maximum Gaming Reborn

Call of Duty - World War IV - Maximum Gaming Reborn

Call of Duty: Wolrd War IV was established by Droxx in late 2017, the server had a good run back then had a very stable playerbase, but due to some issues with the community management the community was closed.

Now the community been running for four months by Droxx, and we've already surpassed our old playerbase. Along with that, our development is back active, with addition of new anti cheat and various improvements. We ensure that you will have a good time here!

Maximum Gaming Reborn
Maximum Gaming used to be an old call of duty community, it was a succeed server with a good playerbase and gameplay, they closed due some issues in real life, as I used to be a high rank there.
We have met again with old administrators and decided to open back our call of duty server with a second CNR server.
Great community with great staff and fair play!

Server Information:
Server IP:
Discord: Click here
Website: Click here
Hosted Tab: Yes.

We have a experienced and well trained administrators team who secure our server. Each administrator has been chosen to focus on your security on our server. We have great administrators, help operators and server managers to provide you the best gaming experience you could ever imagine. We are always open for new staff applications to expand our possibilities within our community!

Best Regards.

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