Team IDs keep getting changed from defines


So I have the team numbers set to defines, starting with #define TEAM_USA 5000. Except for some reason, when I use my custom setplayerteam function (AltSetPlayerTeam), it makes TEAM_USA 136. And then 137 for 5001, and so on.

I don't understand why it's happening exactly, I would appreciate some advice.

Team IDs are 0-254 (0 is valid). 255 is NO_TEAM.

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Team IDs are 0-254 (0 is valid). 255 is NO_TEAM.
That works dude, thanks!

So there's also another issue, the level names. When I type stats it starts to show the name, but then after the first letter it shows team name after the first two letters, ie if you're level 4, it should show Private First Class, but it instead shows "Pstralia" when you type stats? Any idea why? I'll give rep for every good answer.

show us cods and definetion of your class names so we could be able to fix that issue

Posting the /stats command and naming function/definitions would help

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