Linux Centos 6 32 bit.

Hey guys, I bought a server and chose to install Linux Centos 6 32 Bit.
I've been trying and watching tutorials for over 3 days right now, but I didn't manage to properly install a Mysql server. I hoped someone could help me doing this?

I installed Apache, Mysql (configured also), PHP (+ all modules). Now I try to install phpMyAdmin. But if I try to access it it doesn't show anything at http://SERVERIP/phpmyadmin.

CentOS is poo, try Ubuntu.

How are you installing phpmyadmin? I suggest u just use composer.Just install it in a webdirectory and change your apache/nginx config so you can access it

use centos7 why u using centos6 ? in a year there will be centos 8 ...

do not use ubuntu or debian they are fucked for samp servers

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