SF-CNR • Deathmatch, Poker, Pool, Gangwars, Roleplay, Race, Stocks, Businesses, Battle Royale • 100K BONUS

Server Information

IP Address: or svr.sfcnr.com:7777
User Control Panel: sfcnr.com
Information: Redeem a $100,000 cash card in-game (/cashcard) with code OPENSRC19


Our server is one of the best servers for deathmatching in the English-speaking community. We have been around since 2011, the community is well-aged, well-financed and very productive.

There is a tendency to us implementing features inspired by many trending games (GTA 5 and PayDay 2) and TV series (Breaking Bad, Prison Break and The Wire).

Our server is custom and contain many unique features that most servers don't have. We are very welcoming - and I play my own server a lot.

We are also 100% open-source now. https://github.com/zeelorenc/sf-cnr

  • Arresting as a COP (MMB to taze, cuff, arrest)
  • Robbing stores and players
  • Killing players
  • Competitive experience/leveling algorithm
  • Action packed gang wars - the most innovative
  • Fight the house fire epidemic as a fireman (/fires)
  • Chop wood as a lumberjack
  • Kidnap players and hold them for ransom
  • Blowing up the jail cells to break out criminals from prisons
  • Constant hit contracts placed on players anonymously
  • Steal furniture and cash them at the Pawn Shop.
  • Mine ores and export them
  • Create methamphetamine in RVs and export to Cluckin' Bell
  • Bank, drug house and ship hiests
  • Rob NPC security trucks (just like GTA 5).
  • Blowing up Alcatraz to release the high-risk criminals
  • Jacking cars and exporting them in Shipyard containers.
  • Rob atms around the server
  • Gamble the finest and most addicting casinos in SA-MP
  • Buy and sell /stocks ... we have a P2P tradable market with stocks that can be manipulated
  • Race players using our fun outrun race feature (/race)
  • Buy fireworks at a local 24/7 or Supa Save to celebrate an occasion
  • Play 8-Ball Pool at any bar in San Andreas
  • Play Poker (up to 6 players) at any casino in Las Venturas
  • House, vehicle, garage, gate, gang facility, business systems available
  • Boost The Trucking Company's stock price by Trucking
  • Toy/clothes system (/toys)
  • Paintball system to have endless training on DM
  • Battle Royale Minigame
  • And much more...
/features or /help for insight.

If you need any other help, contact us in-game by /ask or simply by the forums!


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