City Freeroam 0.3.7

History of creation/foundation

Well this server can be considered as successor server of my previous project Young Society Freeroam. I decided to change server name because YSF had more founders except me. And City Freeroam sounds more simple and good for me. To say shortly,
I am self-studied developer and I do such projects to make cooler freeroam servers than previous ones and I truly believe that I can make better evolution gameplay for my server players.
Some people may say my gamemode is similar with Sev2 gamemode but inside the script is far different from it. Below you can read all info about this gm functions.
And finally, this server is not going to be in the top of best freeroam servers. This is kinda my personal server

I am waiting for new interesting gamers, and btw to my old Administrators, if you see this post and want to come back I added [CF] tag on your previous nicknames, and your stats are saved as well, including bank accounts.
+All players are unbanned and forgiven.

Below you can see info about server, thanks for reading!


What Kind of gamemode/server is it?

The gamemode includes: Freeroam/Stunt/Parkour/DM/TDM/Fallout/Drift

What are the server features?

1. Private house with private vehicle(s),
2. Bank system with special unique bank map,
3. Basic clan system and ability to manage it. Also with saving system,
4. Basic freeroam commands,
5. Fallout minigame,
6. More than 20+ unique races,
7. 'Find the Checkpoint' game,
8. Unique deathmatch maps,
9. Counter Strike TDM,
10. Settings command, ability to manage account/password/vehicle etc...
11. Reporting system,
12. Ability to change your spawn in freeroam world,
13. Unique Admin system with unique rank names,
14. /vs - A command for vehicle shop, there's no /v for regular players, so each time you want to buy a vehicle, you need to visit vehicle shop, just for 1000 cash.
15. Other vehicle commands like: /flip, /boost, /autotune...
16. Hard hayclimb maps
17. Unique and hard parkours,
18. Other maps like: /jumps, /houses, /drift, /other...
19. Ability to use /jetpack,
20. Other abilities like: /sendmoney, /pm, /pmsettings, /w - for weapons...
21. Unique /leave function - leave any minigame you are in,
22. Server is equiped with many other unique and interesting maps and commands, which you can explore while playing in game.
23. Maths and Reactions systems.

How to join?

Screenshot of clans

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