We want Y_Less

The community wants Y_Less

I mean look at the kind of work he puts out https://github.com/Y-Less/pawn-curriculum

We want Y_Less back.

Or atleast an explanation, please?

Agreed. Bring him back or we're out of this dumpster fire.

Alternatively, Kalcor should justify his actions. I don't think making a SA-MP related forum is worth a ban.

Especially when the person you ban puts more effort into helping SA-MP Server developers than the SA-MP team itself.

Not many people can rightfully claim their work serves as the basis for almost all SA-MP servers. Y_Less is one of them.


Y_less is the biggest contributor to this community, dismiss it would be an error.

Y_Less was the one who was trying to contribute the most in my opinion, seeing him go like this really makes me confused. I hope he joins the beta team back but I highly doubt because he got banned too so..

Y_less was actually putting some work into this project... so yeah I think he should be back.

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