Survey (0.3.DL, 0.3.7,...)

I am interested, and I think a large part of the community is what they think. Kalcor tells us that the 0.3.DL server owner doesn't want to. Although, in my opinion, should be interested in what the player wants and not the server owners.

Vote in a poll for one of two options:

Official 0.3.DL (not testing)
Let be and stay at 0.3.7

What is your opinion?

I think this whole state of things and debate is ludicrous. We've reached a point where we are debating whether we should have a new feature... And a totally optional one at that. You, as a server owner, have the possibility of just not using it.

Now, that being said, I don't know the inside workings of SA:MP. There may be under-the-hood changes that impact performance and security even if this feature is not used, and in this case, the solution I propose is as follows: Either fix them (if possible) or merge the two branches and allow this to be toggled. If a player tries to connect to a server which requires custom models but they disabled it, they should not be let to join, but if a player that has them enabled tries to join a server that does not use them, they should encounter no problem in doing so.

I go where the players go. And 0.3.7 is still winning that by far.

If the mass doesn't update, then we are stuck on 0.3.7. I tried to get people over to 0.3.DL with my little server. But 0.3.DL wasn't on the homepage at the time. Failed.

Had to revert. I want 0.3.DL tho.


Server owners lead the development of their servers and the players play in their servers.

If the owners will not like the updates, they will not update their servers and their players will not update either. New players will find nowhere to play in, just new servers owned by new people who may not even use the new features but instead try to gather new players only.

I vote for 0.3.7 because it has a stable player base, and I don't really need custom skins as I can release a modpack and players wouldn't need to be forced to download stuff before playing, which is what makes SA-MP better than MTA in the first place.

I want more updates, allow us to add animations and set walking style per player and make us able to control the user interface of the game, as well as allow us to add audio files to the server. I would love to have the ability to add more weapons as well. Other than that, I don't think we need skins or so.

Features aside, the issue is the split in two official branches for a small mod.

I definitely think that 0.3.DL is way better as it seems to be a step towards the right direction for SA:MP by allowing custom skins.

Surely if those servers don't want those features it doesn't matter if it gets updated to the main branch because they aren't forced to use them so they don't have to add them


I vote for 0.3.7 because it has a stable player base

The poll is about how it should be and not about how it is now. Vote for what should be because it is so. It's stupid.

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