Mike's Cops and Robbers - Launching 22nd April

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As with any cops and robbers server, MCNR revolves around the classic GTA experience of cops chasing criminals.
Players can work with or against each other as cops, robbers or law-abiding citizens to earn money,
complete various missions and activities, and ultimately work their way to the top.

One of the main roles on Mike's Cops and Robbers is the role of a Police officer.
As a Cop, you will be tasked with maintaining a safe environment for the citizens of San Andreas,
by patrolling the cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Los Santos, and pursuing and detaining wanted suspects.
You will earn money and score points for doing your job, and as you arrest and ticket more suspects, you will be promoted.
The higher your rank, the more money you can earn, and the more police abilities you will have access to (such as calling for special vehicles).

See the law enforcement guide for more information on law enforcement roles.

On the other hand, there are criminals. Criminals only know one way to earn money - by stealing it.
From selling stolen cars to smuggling drugs across the border, there's always some way for a criminal to get ahead.
Of course, the cops are always around the corner looking to take you down, so you have to know how to evade the law.
There's no better way to evade the cops than with your very own modded up supercar, but that's going to take more than robbing a few gas stations to get.
You're going to need to think big to make it in San Andreas and climb your way up the criminal ladder.

See the crime guide for more information on crimes.

There is, however, a third option. You could be a law-abiding citizen of San Andreas.
This would mean you'd have to find other, less risky ways to earn money, for example by sweeping the streets or collecting garbage.
You could also apply for a job, for example as a Mechanic or a Firefighter.
While the income might not be as great, you'll hopefully never have a run-in with the law
if you just mind your own business and go about your life.

See the missions guide for more information on missions and side-jobs.

There are many jobs that you can do in San Andreas. Jobs pay you for performing your duties and can be a steady income
with next to no risk involved. Jobs include police officer, paramedic, firefighter, mechanic, prostitute and taxi driver.

See the jobs guide for more information on jobs.

Check out the trailers and screenshots for the server below

Click here for the full-resolution gallery.

Here is an overview of the features and activities you can find on MCNR:
  • Play as a civilian, criminal, cop, medic, firefighter, mechanic, taxi driver and more
  • Complete missions and side-jobs such as smuggling, forklift, money rush, trashmaster, lumberjack, valet parking, timetrials, stunt challenges, trucking and lots more to earn money and increase your score
  • Participate in events such as the Decathlon with many more events coming soon
  • Unlock new items and features as you level/rank up
  • Purchase weapons, vehicles houses and more to use and show off
  • Unlock achievements as you progress through the game
  • Collect bounties for cash
  • Rob other players, stores, banks etc.
  • Scrap/export vehicles for cash
  • Explore all of San Andreas to reveal the map and earn a big reward
  • Search all over San Andreas for hidden collectables for cash and score
  • GPS system to help you navigate San Andreas
  • Gambling with lottery, scratchcards and betting
  • Customise your experience with a comprehensive list of settings to change
  • Server-sided emergency vehicle headlight flashing (wig-wag)
  • Purchase properties all around San Andreas: trailers, houses and mansions
  • Police pursuit vehicles with nitro and a removable light with siren
  • Server-sided damage values including instant-kill headshots and contextual death animations
  • Select your spawn location when you join the server (choose whether to spawn near players or away from them)
  • Friendly and helpful admin system and admins to ensure rules are followed and players have fun
  • Dedicated server host to minimize downtime and maximise efficiency
  • Regular updates with all player feedback taken on board
  • Effective anti-cheat with false-positive prevention
  • Ban appeal system, guaranteed appeal response within 24 hours
Many more features are to be added in the upcoming weeks and months after launch.

MCNR is launching as an on-going BETA development server. This means some features may not yet be fully developed
and some bugs/issues may occur. We rely on player feedback to help us identify and
resolve these problems and reward said players with cash/score in-game as gratitude.
We hope to see you on the server soon and hope you enjoy your experience playing MCNR.

Server IP: play.mikescnr.com:7777
Server will be live on 22nd April 2019 at 9:00am GMT.
For more information and to join the community please visit www.mikescnr.com.

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