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Hi,I want to ask, how to make a person unable to carry a car roof, to drop or freeze it immediately?

Ask that again, but in english this time

How to make on the car roof it would not be possible to transport man

I imagine what you're asking is how to stop players from surfing on top of people's cars?

If that's what you mean, I imagine a simple way to do it is to have a timer running each second and looping through MAX_PLAYERS, then check each player with GetPlayerSurfingVehicleID(playerid)

If the player isn't surfing a vehicle, the function will return INVALID_VEHICLE_ID

Example from the SA-MP wiki:

new surf = GetPlayerSurfingVehicleID(playerid);
if(surf == INVALID_VEHICLE_ID) SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, "You are not surfing.");

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